We all want to feel safe and secure

Owning our own home, having that roof over our head, gives not only a sense of physical stability but also financial

Often though, owning our own home remains a dream with life seeming to consistently get in the way…

There’s a school excursion that needs to be paid for

An unexpected dental bill

An emergency trip to the vet

The holiday you so desperately need

The list could go on….

As much as we try to plan there always seems to be something getting in the way…

Feeling like, no matter how much we try to do the right thing, nothing seems to change

What I’ve learned in these situations, is that I’m allowing my external environment to control how I think and feel (which is my internal environment)

This is a situation of cause and effect

I invite you to focus on changing your internal environment first (how you think and feel) and then see how your external environment changes

Move from being stuck in ’cause & effect’ to ‘causing an effect’

There may be a number of hurdles that you are trying to address in your journey to owning your own home:

  • saving a deposit
  • deciding where to live
  • choosing a floor plan

Become the observer of your situation

See yourself as the person who has overcome the particular hurdle or hurdles

What qualities do you possess?

What decisions or small steps have you made?

Identify the gaps between who you are today and who you need to become…

Focus on becoming that person….

Relax and lean into that journey…then watch with excitement as your dreams begin to unfold and ALL that you desire comes into being….

Anthony Lolli – Author, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and Real Estate Mogul

Whilst in New York (April 2017), I also had the privilege of meeting Anthony Lolli. He grew up in Brooklyn, NY and at the age of nineteen obtained his real estate license. By the age of 23, he was a millionaire.

Anthony built Rapid Realty NYC from scratch. He diverged from the Manhattan sales market and instead chose to focus on the apartment rentals of the outer boroughs. With his intimate knowledge of Brooklyn, he recognised that renters were a very under-served market.

With any property investment strategy, having detailed knowledge of the particular area being considered is imperative. The more knowledge, the greater the likelihood of being able to find deals that others will miss.

Anthony’s decision proved to be very fruitful and renters began flocking to Brooklyn in record numbers. He was able to grow Rapid Realty, his portfolio of investment properties and even open a real estate school.

The growth was such that Anthony was able to begin opening franchises. He became known nationally and internationally.

He has also published the book The Heart of the Deal: How to Invest and Negotiate like a Real Estate Mogul

Cherie Barber – Renovating for Profit

In November 2016, I was able to attend a 3 day Renovating for Profit workshop in Sydney, NSW run by none other than Cherie Barber – Australia’s renovation queen!!

Information covered topics such as:

  • determining what strategy was going to be the most effective
  • what changes could be completed as part of a cosmetic renovation that would not require council approval
  • what style of home was most suited to a cosmetic renovation
  • the time frames that should be allowed in which to undertake a cosmetic renovation
  • how to determine what purchase price should be offered in order to drive a good profit
  • tips on the most effective changes to make in order to gain the optimum return
  • tips on styling
  • an overview of building and planning regulations
  • how to drive a project plan
  • managing and mitigating risk on a project
  • the importance of mindset

Since undertaking this workshop, I have completed a successful renovation of an investment property in Pakenham, Vic and a number of other small projects.