Starting a new year, a new decade even, may prompt questions such as…

What have I achieved?

Where am I headed?

If there is no clarity in the answers, there may be a realisation that things have remained status quo.

When reflecting on the time in question, seeing that all the time has been spent just getting the day to day completed, there may be a sense of frustration. Maybe there’s been no growth, no expansion of ideas, no movement forward to achieving your original vision.

You may even feel like you’ve become stuck on the hamster wheel. Doing the same routine day in, day out.

How do you address this?

Building strategy into your business or your personal life is more than an annual event.

It will be far more effective when it becomes a habit.

Being strategic needs to come from a place of stepping back from the day to day. It can’t be done when you are caught up in the thick of the everyday…that is being REACTIVE!!

It is ESSENTIAL that you block out quiet time.

This may seem counter intuitive however, being busy isn’t necessarily going to move you forward. You are most likely spending time on things that really aren’t that important and may even be better done by someone else.

It is in that quiet time that we can allow ourselves to become the observer.

Take that helicopter view.

Have a pen and paper handy so that you can jot down your thoughts.

Breathe deeply.

Be aware of your posture.

If your shoulders are up toward your head, you are most likely carrying tension and stress.

Relax them. Open your chest out. Breathe deeply.

This practice has a deep physiological effect within your body.  It allows oxygen to flow to your brain and to the cells within your muscles.

From this space you become effective in your thought processes.

At a personal level, begin noticing how you feel in certain situations – both positive and negative.

Observe what is driving that reaction.

If it is negative, ask yourself, who do I need to become to react differently?

If it is positive, the question may be, who do you need to become to enhance that behaviour?

There may be practices that need to be let go.

Responding to any of these changes requires courage.

You have that within you.

It resides deep within you. You will be able to tap into that in the stillness of your being.

Start by allocating 15 – 30 minutes a few times a week into your schedule.

Gradually, you will find when this works best for you.

I have found that the more I practice this, the more that it has become a state of being.

I am becoming change every day.

Within your business one area that you may begin to review are your sales calls.

Listen carefully to the reasons for objections or not wanting your products/services.

Are they pointing to opportunities to improve systems, meet a need, address some learning in your social media content, grow your business, collaborate with another service provider in a joint venture, or cross promote with a partner?

What about your employees?

Are they contributing in all ways possible?

Identify their strengths and give them space to play. They may still do their core duties and consecutively become part of a think tank/new ideas group.

Be open to unexpected value.

Do you feel assured enough within yourself to be accepting of these unexpected attributes from others, to not feel threatened?

People want you to succeed, especially when they recognise that your success is better for them.

This comes when individuals recognise their own strengths and limitations but also recognise the synergy that comes from working together.

Be the observer. Notice the situations in which people flourish or struggle. Decipher if this is a system/process issue, a learning/development opportunity or a combination.

Consistently allowing yourself time and space to be still, to change your state of being, will bring a strategic awareness into your personal and business life that delivers unprecedented outcomes.

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