We all want to be successful

We strive for recognition, self-worth, meaning in what we do and freedom to be.

When we focus on being successful ‘in’ our business, job, wealth creation, life we set ourselves up for failure.

We give away control and become reactive to the circumstances around us.

There is conflict and we put our energy into trying to overcome obstacles which results in frustration.

We may see some success, but it is limited, there is always a ceiling.

However, when we shift the focus to being successful ‘through’ our business, job, wealth creation, life we open ourselves up to endless opportunity.

We become the centrepiece and we maintain control.

Whatever we have chosen (a business, job, wealth creation, life) becomes an outward expression of who we are.

Can you feel the energy shift?

We are limitless beings, capable of so much!!

When we focus on our inner world – understanding the drivers to our thought patterns, our belief systems, and appreciate that we can change all that has been limiting us, life becomes truly exciting!!

We have the power to be bigger than our external circumstances and the conditions in which we find ourselves.

Our brain is a filter. When we choose to be ‘in’ a situation we get stuck in the reaction mode, our brain gets triggered into fight or flight. We are ‘on guard’ and it’s draining. We get stressed, frustrated and exhausted.

When we shift to allowing ourselves to focus on ‘through’, our brain is still a filter but now we are able to connect to infinite wisdom. We are able to tap into all those who have gone before us, we are not alone, we are intricately connected to each other.

When we feel ‘in flow’, this is exactly what we are doing.

Giving ourselves permission to let go of our limiting thoughts and connect to our higher self.

Imagine what your business would look like, your professional career, your relationships, if you could be consciously in this state all the time.

What would success mean to you then?

The current crisis has presented an incredible opportunity to stop and reflect. To make significant changes for the better.

If you would like to explore the changes that you could make to create a different outcome, I invite you to reach out – don’t wait, think about how magnificent your life could be….