Congratulations on completing the Leadership Style quiz!!

Below are your scores for each style. You may have two or three that are you natural or preferred styles.
It is important to take time to reflect on whether your natural styles are in alignment/suit your current leadership role or situation
If you have team members that are in leadership roles, this will help you to determine if they are best suited to their current leadership role and if there are any gaps in your team.
Commit yourself both to developing your strong leadership styles and growing your weaker leadership styles.

( The recommendation is to give 90% of your development energy to your strengths and 10% to managing your weaknesses. A non-strength becomes a weakness when it undermines your ability to use your strength to the fullest)
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You can "see" the desired future in vivid detail and in a compelling manner describe it to others so that they can see it and move towards it. You are contagious in your enthusiasm and communicate your vision with passionate conviction.


You offer timely, inspired leadership about which direction to take when the department or organisation is at a crossroad. As a leader, the gift you bring to the organisation is your wisdom


You turn vision into sequential, achievable steps. You form the game plan that everyone can understand and participate in. You have the ability to help sub-groups align their energies rather than work at odds with one another.


You have the ability to keep your team 'fired up'. You notice when individuals or groups need encouragement and you bring the right kind at the right time. You recognise that morale matters and you know how to build it.


You have the ability to organise people, processes and resources to achieve a mission. You bring order out of chaos. You facilitate implementation


You build teams slowly, care for the members deeply, nurture them gently, support them consistently and listen to them patiently. Shepherds earn loyalty because your team knows that you as the leader care for them.


You know reaching goals usually required a team. You have a natural insight into people that allows you to successfully find and develop the right people with the right abilities, character and chemistry. You know how to put people in the right roles to produce the right results.


You function optimally in 'start-up' mode. You have to give 'birth' regularly to projects otherwise you lose energy. You are most effective in settings where you can start projects and then hand them off to other capable leaders to maintain and develop into mature projects.


You function optimally in 'turn around' environments. You get motivated by teams and organisations that are broken, stuck or in chaos so that you can lead them back into shape.

Bridge Building

You have the ability to bring together under a single leadership umbrella a wide range of constituent groups. This enables a complex organisation to stay focussed on a single mission.