Have you ever stopped what you were doing and paused to reflect?

In that moment you considered your environment, the condition of your life, and realised it is not where you want to be

Deep inside of you there is a knowing that you are capable of so much more

But you’ve neglected to nurture that knowing

You’ve been busy with life

Doing all the right things that you thought were expected of you

Finishing school

Going to university

Getting a job

Getting married

Starting a family

Buying a house

You realise that you’ve given over control to your external environment

You’ve been reacting to the circumstances around you

Your decisions have been dictated by your perception of what you thought others might think of you

You have allowed them to limit your potential

When you do stop long enough, you feel a restlessness inside of you

You start to wonder….

You ask yourself…what if?

Love yourself enough to choose to recognise the GREATNESS that is within you

You can take control

You can create the destiny of your dreams

There is a knowing inside of you that wants you to be all that you can be

Take a moment to breathe

What are the negative emotions that have held you back?

What is the story that you’ve been telling yourself when you feel that way?

Allow yourself to recognise the pattern of your behaviour

Name it out loud

Then let it go

Allow the knowing that is within you to take it from you

To release you from the chains that keep you connected to those negative emotions and thoughts

What would it feel like to be living in your greatness?

What would if feel like to experience the joy of being connected to everyone and everything around you?

What would it feel like to experience joy and happiness in all that you do?

Allow that feeling to dwell deep in every fibre of your being

Become the designer of a new future

Co-create with the power that is within you

Be invincible

Build into your daily habits the renewing of your mind

Understand that your feelings drive your thoughts, and then your thoughts drive your feelings

Be in control

Recognise the limiting thought patterns and behaviours that have held you back

Replace them with a consciousness that you are connected to a higher power

Be empowered to believe that you are called to greatness

The world needs YOU to stand out and shine today

Be greater than your circumstance, be greater than the condition in your life

Your experiences in life, your knowledge, your skills bring a uniqueness to the world

There is no-one else like YOU

Choose to shine your light in the world

Be the hope and love that the world needs right now

Stand with me today, align with your inner knowing and join with the collective consciousness to create a new destiny.

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