Say “YES” to Opportunity…

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Saying ‘YES’ to opportunity started me on a journey of discovery – about myself and my purpose in life.

In late 2017, I was a co-author to the anthology “I said YES” where I shared the exhilaration of going against the expected norm and doing something for myself. How taking one step revived in me my desire to be a person of influence – someone who could share knowledge and experience.

Continuing to step into opportunity brings with it challenges.

Along side each period of growth, there has been also been pain.

As each door opened, to be that person to successfully step through, I realised there was a part of me that I needed to let go.

There were thought patterns that I had developed over many years that no longer served me.

They had come from belief systems that I had never questioned or observed as to what had created that belief system in the first place.

Integrating the practice of meditation into my life has been incredibly powerful.

It has given me the opportunity to see who I truly am.

Believe me though, it is not an easy upward trajectory.

Life still gets in the way and can side-swipe me.

The good thing is….I’m more in control.

I’ve come to understand the me that I no longer want to be and have the tools to change.

Practicing the daily renewal of my mind has become an imperative.

This process has also instilled in me courage, resilience and trust.

Trust, that we are all connected to a higher being and each have our own unique purpose.

It is this sense of connectedness which draws me forward, seeking to grow in awareness and understanding of the power that resides within each of us.

This power is like a muscle. It needs to be used consistently to strengthen.

As it strengthens, it replaces those thought patterns that were consistently sabotaging my efforts.

The most wonderful thing is that I get to be the designer of my destiny.

But it does take discipline.

For a long time my understanding of self-care centred around taking ‘time out’, having a massage, taking a walk or something similar.

More recently, I was challenged to consider self-care as also been a time to be focused, to exercise discipline in completing the one thing that was going to help me move forward in that moment.

I am grateful for that insight.

For in the discipline of work that is aligned to my purpose, I have found a freedom and a passion that continues to ignite that power within.

What would it mean for you today to say ‘YES’ to opportunity?

To be willing to be vulnerable, to discover more of your true self?

To be inspired to take up a new challenge, find new courage?

I would love to hear your thoughts…..

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